A network of people from the four partner HEIs with insight in the educational system of their home university and exchange studies, including a student representative from each university. The Board of Governors will not convene regularly but will be held informed regarding activities in the program, and convene if necessary.

This board is set up to continuously monitor progress and discuss issues related to the collaboration.

The board of governors will be responsible for setting up a travel and accommodation scheme for exchange students for each university and organise supervision of thesis work.



Nils Jansson - Project coordinator nils.jansson@ltu.se

Glenn Bark - Project officer glenn.bark@ltu.se
Karin Axelsson-Grafström – Erasmus coordinator Karin.Axelsson-Grafstrom@ltu.se
Glacialle Tiu – Student representative glacialle.tiu@ltu.se


Władysław Zygo - Project officer wzygo@geol.agh.edu.pl
Krzysztof Dudek – Erasmus coordinator kadudek@agh.edu.pl
Krzysztof Foltyn – Student representative kfoltyn@agh.edu.pl

University of Oulu

Juka Pekka Ranta - Project officer Jukka-Pekka.Ranta@oulu.fi
Juho Tapio – Student representative juho.tapio@student.oulu.fi


Patrick Krolop - Project officer patrick.krolop@mineral.tu-freiberg.de
Constantin Rossberg – Student representative segfreiberg@gmail.com