Luleå University of Technology

Luleå University of Technology (Swedish: Luleå tekniska universitet) of Sweden is Scandinavia's northernmost university of technology. It has four campuses, located in Luleå (the main campus), Kiruna (space science), Skellefteå (wood technology and computer game engineering) and Piteå (Department of music and media). The university was founded on 1 June 1971 at Porsön in Luleå as Högskoleenheten i Luleå. In 1997, it was granted university status by the Swedish government, and is since known as Luleå University of Technology.

Luleå University of Technology is at the forefront of several research areas that are of major importance to society. Some of our researchers are former students at the university and today they are recognized internationally. For example, an instrument will soon land on Mars to look for water and, maybe, find life on the planet.
Photo: Viveka Österman