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Student testimonies
The ability to use EXplORE funding to sponsor my attendance to Nick Oliver's short course was crucial in determining my attendance. Attending a professional-level short course was quite a change from the other courses I have attended in the past, which mainly consisted of master's students and some PhDs. In this I found the level of the course to be high, and the student-lecturer interactions were much more enriching and engaging. Under other circumstances, if I had to cover the entire costs of the course myself (including the significant registration fee) I most likely would have missed out on this experience. The dedication of funds to encourage student attendance to events like these provides a wonderful opportunity to peer ahead into a professional career, which in itself is an incredibly educational process. Conversations with other attendees and learning about their experiences is inspiring, and engaging with local professionals is an experience that students can only benefit from. As I finish my master's and reflect on my last two years, I am marked by the impact that attending short courses has had on me, both for academic and personal growth. As such, I strongly encourage the continued sponsorship of student attendance for courses like these.

Thomas, University of Oulu

Short course “Fusing geochemistry and structural geology for exploration, mining and research” at the Lulea University of Technology provided an excellent overview about important geochemical and structural features of rocks and possible ways of joining them to gain even more information. The theoretical background was backed-up by example cases covering all kinds of ore deposit types. During the course we were introduced to the software ioGAS, which we used to look at data from real exploration projects.

For me, this 1.5 day course provided a lot of new information regarding the use of geochemical and structural data and its implementation into a suitable software program. The course was an excellent addition to my current studies in economic geology and will help me in the future to better understand and evaluate geochemical and structural data. In addition, this course was a great opportunity to get to know other like-minded geologists from different universities and the industry.

Without the generous travel grant my participation would have not been possible.

Henning, TU Freiberg

In December, 2018 I had an opportunity to attend 16th Short Course in Economic Geology held by TUBA Freiberg. Taking part in such an event woudn't be possible without funding from EXplORE programme. Scholarship covered registration fee, travel and accomodation costs. This placed me, as well as other students from AGH-UST involved in the programme, in a classroom of world-oldest mining university, on very intensive and substantive lectures regarding my field of study.

Course focused this time on Zinc deposits. Lectures were given by world-class scientists who gave attendees better understanding of the processes of hydrothermal transport and precipitation of zinc mineralizations and associated paragenesis. In addition to presentations on SHMS, Irish-type, MVT and non-sulfide Zinc deposits, epithermal zinc mineralizations was discussed. Huge amount of data and informations taken from recent papers made these lectures extraordinary and way better than normal Economic Geology classes on my university. What's more, course was lead by people who work on these types of deposits and have best knowledge about the topic. Therefore it was best possibility to learn and understand ore forming processes.

Course gave me also an opportunity to meet other Economic Geology students from around the World, talk with them and hear about their experiences. I seized also a chance to visit on of the greatest minerals collections in the World, which is situated in Freiberg Castle. I had learned really much during these four days. As such, I strongly encourage the continued sponsorship of student attendance for courses like these.

Jakub, AGH

The short course was really interesting and highlighted clearly the linkage between geochemistry and structural geology referring to exploration of metal deposits. You could follow the speaker's content appropriately. Moreover, I have been convinced by the practical part during the short course, although the demo version of ioGAS didn't work accurately. Anyway, it was interesting to see, what this program is suitable for. Furthermore, it is quite rare to get in contact with employed geologist during short courses. Therefore, it was quite a unique experience to have the opportunity to talk with so many exploration and mining geologists. I even could imagine extending such a short course with one day lasting field trip afterwards.

I guess, I speak for all my colleagues from TU Freiberg, when I mention the importance of the funding we received to attend the short course. Without the funding none of us would have participate, because the costs for accommodation and travelling could not have been financed by the usual low student's budget.

Enrico, TU Freibereg

I really enjoyed the course, furthermore it was possible for me to broaden my horizon, especially in terms of industry work and ioGAS. I have to mention that I probably not have attended the course without the travel grant and I am glad that I could receive it fast and without any problems. Lastly, I want to say that I was happy to see Sweden for the first time in my life and to meet local as well as industry people.

Johannes, TU Freibereg

I attended the week long course on zinc deposits and as such gained a lot of useful information on zinc, which was extremely useful as my project is based on Zn-Pb deposits. I also got to meet like-minded geology students from Germany and Finland in particular. EXplORE made my trip possible by providing a travel grant covering my travel to and from Germany, as well as accommodation in Freiburg, which I wouldn't have been able to afford on my own. I also only found out about the event through the EXplORE program.

Tom, LTU

Thanks to interaction with experienced geoscientist from the industry (WSP Global) and fellow academics, I learned how SURPAC software is used from the exploration phase to actual day to day operations in mining. I had the opportunity to apply the software to other disciplines like Mine Engineering and Civil engineering. Without hesitation, I argue all students to take advantage of EXplORE programs in shaping their future career.

Kabelo, LTU

Geological structure of Scandinavia is in my opinion one of the most complex in Europe or even in the World. Participating in the short course organized by LTU allowed me to discover that structure in a pleasant way and friendly atmosphere. Field work is the thing that I like the most and it let me experience the hardships of a geologist job. Lectures given by specialists were also the great opportunity to learn about history of mining in that area and methods of exploration that were used there. Also, meeting Master and PhD students of geology from around the World was a great chance to make new contacts which might pay off in the future. But going on that course could have been a big expense of money, especially for a student pocket. EXplOre program came with financial aid. I will definitely recommend this course to every geology student on my university.

Marcin, AGH

In my opinion it was an amazing adventure to spend few days in Lapland, during course organized by LTU. Mapping with geologists from LTU, Uni Oulu and TUBAF was a great experience. I learned lots of new methods and practical skills. I met new people from different geological companies. During this period I worked in an international group. It expanding my horizons. EXplORE made my trip possible by providing a travel grant.

Maciej, AGH

The Applied Field Exploration course organized by LTU in Skellefteå district, in Sweden, was a great experience. The time I spend there was very fruitful due to wide range of activities. I had an opportunity to practice and get to know better basic exploration methods. In this geologically complex area our task was to map the place and point out potential place for VMS location. I really appreciate working in the international environment consisting of Master and PhD students from AGH, LTU and UniOulu. It was a unique experience also to hear lectures given by people from exploration companies, researchers and consultants. The EXplORE programme covers all travel expenses and accommodation which allows me to travel to Northern Sweden. Attending such events will pay off in my future career, surely.

Aleksandra, AGH

I think that courses such as STRATIFROM DEPOSITS MODELLING SHORT COURSE, organized at AGH, should occur every month. It gives the idea to students what new technology is being used in industry and how can they equip themselves with latest industry skills. The course was very relevant to my studies, being an economic geologist, ore modelling is very crucial and it needs a lot of knowledge and skills - the course was outlined according to basic industry skills which we do need while doing ore modelling. Presenter was well informed and he transferred knowledge in very easy and simple way. I think for future it would be great if we could include the steps that how to acquire data for computer modelling I would highly recommend this course to my fellows who are interested in computer modelling.

Adil, AGH

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to attend that course. I'm interested in learning about computer modelling because I have no touch with it because of the weakness in technology of our country. This short course was very effective for us despite short time.

Ar Kar, AGH/University of Mandalay

The EXplORE course was prepared with the highest diligence. Experience and know-how knowledge of Mining Consultant and University representative help students to understand complex issues in regard to stratiform deposit modelling and data analysis. Comprehensive data support from mine and well equipped computer classroom provided convenient conditions to study geological software. Experience with working in such advanced softwares like MineScape is very significant for me - young geologists who wants to enhance my position in geology labour market. Quality of teaching was at very accurate level adjusted to beginners and intermediate users. Using geological data from brown coal mine drill holes, mineralogical data, topographic maps and grids we have created detailed model of complex coal seams with many additional grids, cross-sections, control layer and vital sketches in 3D. Everyone appreciated the way which allowed us to understand how industry sector is working using softwares and cooperating with geologists, geophysicists and mining engineers. The EXplORE practical course was suitable for everyone interested in applied softwares. The only improvement could be additional data set, which we can use at the end of the course to make our own model.

Jędrzej, Oulu

I would definitely recommend this course to other students studying economic geology or a similar field. As mentioned before, I think that experience using modeling software is very useful for a career in the mining industry, particularly in exploration or engineering.

Brandon, Oulu