GEOVIA Surpac modelling software in mining course

EXplORE-funded course in collaboration with WSP Finland Oy, were organized in the University of Oulu between 13th and 17th of May 2019. The software package Surpac is one of the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software, supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects. It is widely used by mining companies in Fennoscandia and worldwide. Exposure and basic competence in this software package are important factors that will help geology and mining engineering students to find their first employment after graduation.

The course was fully booked with 35 participants. During the course, students were introduced to the basics of Surpac program, from modelling of the geology, to mine pit design and resource estimation. The feedback from the participant were highly positive with hopes to further more in depth courses. The course will be organized each year within the lifespan of EXplORE.


  • Start date 13th May, 2019
  • End date 17th May, 2019


  • Petteri Somervuori (WSP Finland)
  • Hanna Mönkkönen (WSP Finland)
  • Marko Moilanen (Oulu Mining School)


  • University of Oulu, Finland


  • 40 MSc students from LTU, UniOulu, TUBAF and AGH