Stratiform deposits - exploration techniques, data analysis and interpretation, geological modelling, resource calculation

Context of the Course

AGH has organized a short course dedicated to the stratiform deposits, with the main focuse on exploration techniques, data analysis and interpretation, geological modelling, resource calculation. The course was led by Władysław Zygo (AGH) and Andrzej Gądek (mining consultant, MinesScape software expert) and took place from the 25th October until 27th October 2019.

Władysław Zygo (AGH)
Andrzej Gądek (mining consultant)
AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków
25th-27th October, 2019

M.Sc. Władysław Zygo


Participant testimonials

What is your overall assessment of the course?

MSC student 1: “Overall, I think this was a good course, and it was a good introduction to the MineScape software. I greatly appreciate the attentiveness of the instructors and their patience with all of our mistakes and questions.”

MSC student 3: “Generally speaking, I found the course instructive, practical and I might use some of the knowledge acquired in an upcoming future to draw a small block model for my master thesis. The instructors were especially supportive and even offered themselves in case we have some doubts related to Minescape throughout our career to clear them out and gave us their contact email. They were open to answer questions during the course as well. I learnt more in a short course than I learn in several of my full-time courses. You did a great job.”

What is your overall assessment of the following:

Relevance to your field of study/work

MSc student 1: “It is very relevant to my field of study (economic geology), and could be useful in my career. I am not using any modeling software at the current point in my studies nonetheless, it is definitely useful to have more exposure to programs used in industry.”

MSc student 2: “Minescape has great potential when it comes to carry out a feasibility study or even in earlier stages since it can turn scattered data set from drill cores into fleshed out cross sections. Personally, I am currently working on a project for my master's thesis where I can make this software shine.”

Quality of teaching
MSc student 1: “The teaching quality was very good. The instructions were clear, and help was easy to obtain whenever necessary. The introductory lecture on stratiform deposits was also very interesting”.

MSc student 2: “As already mentioned in my overall assessment of the course, I am completely satisfied with the computing part of it. Władysław and Andrzej were fantastic, guiding us step by step in our quest to command Minescape and offered a helping hand when we were lost. Their happy-go-lucky attitude was priceless during these moments when you felt powerless against the computer, figuring out why Minescape was not working the way you wanted it to do. I would like to mention that the course’s pace would be enhanced if one day were to be added. Harnessing Minescape takes time since it is not a straightforward tool. Assimilation of principles requires at least one day more and one hour less per day to fully reap the benefits.”

Course equipment and technology
MSc student 2: “We were provided with the necessary tools to achieve the course. In this section, I believe everything was correct while we were in Krakow. In the aftermath of the course, however, we all are back to our universities and in order to the explore program to thrive and fulfil its goals, licensed software taught in other universities within the program must be available at any university member of the initiative. Besides, it would be useful to have data sets available for practising the functions of the software and allows self-teaching of the students.”

What could be improved the next time the course is given?
MSc student 2: “Resource estimation represent a precious asset to seek in a geologist, especially for a junior company or even for bigger exploration and mining companies. Once modelling is mastered, resource estimation is just the next logical step and a potential great addition to the course. On the other hand, I wish we had a wider introduction about the Kuperschiefer deposits or even a 1-day trip to get to know our subject of study face to face since I was interested. I believe it could be a way to boost the number of explore students, build some team spirit and make a difference when compared to other courses.”

Would you recommend the course to others?
MSc student 1: “I would definitely recommend this course to other students studying economic geology or a similar field. As mentioned before, I think that experience using modeling software is very useful for a career in the mining industry, particularly in exploration or engineering.”.

MSc student 2: “I would recommend the course to students interested in exploration geology or mine geology. I did it before going and taking it myself since it looked promising and now that I have taken it, I will still recommend it. There is room for improvement but given the short nature of the course I’d say it was tackled in the best way possible.”

Mine geologist 1: “At the beginning I would like to thank You for posibilty to take part in the course. I am glad that being a university graduate I could gain new skills and experience. I think the organization of the course was a very good idea! I am sure it will be usefull to my current field of work. Teachers explained everything carefully and showed us practical use of the software. I would recommended cours for other students.”


  • Start date 25th October, 2019
  • End date 27th October, 2019


  • Władysław Zygo (AGH)
  • Andrzej Gądek (mining consultant)


  • AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

Registration deadline

  • 15th October, 2019